Fair Wear Foundation connects shops across Amsterdam with six kilometers of red ribbon

Responsible production is the red thread connecting dozens of clothing brands


Amsterdam, 31 January -  Shoppers in Amsterdam were greeted last Thursday by the sight of six kilometres of red ribbon connecting dozens of clothing stores across the Dutch capital. The event was sponsored by Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) to highlight stores where FWF member brands can be found, as part of Amsterdam Fashion Week. During the action, the FWF team took to the streets of Amsterdam to visualise a network of over 80 shops. Worldwide, FWF member brands are sold in more than 20 000 retail outlets. The event was documented in a short video.

More than 100 clothing brands are members of FWF, a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving working conditions in garment factories around the world.  100% fair clothing doesn’t exist (yet), however FWF member brands are working hard to make real improvements in the lives of factory workers.

FWF has also launched an online shopping list, which makes it easy for people in more than 70 countries around the world to find FWF member brands in fashion, sportswear and outdoor clothing. Consumers consistently report interest in buying clothes made by responsible brands – and that they don’t know where to find such brands. The FWF shopping list is designed to help fill this information gap.

The third element in FWF’s new consumer outreach efforts is the short animated film, ‘The Fair Wear Formula’. This online film, created with consumers in mind, explains the most common problems in the global apparel industry – and what the growing number of FWF member brands are doing to make things better.  The film reflects the more than 10 years of experience Fair Wear Foundation has in improving labour conditions in clothing factories.

About Fair Wear Foundation

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF)’s mission is to improve labour conditions for the hundreds of thousands of workers involved in making clothes for FWF member companies. FWF has invested more than 10 years in developing effective solutions to the key problems facing workers in the garment industry. FWF’s four main areas of activity are:

  • checking that member brands respect human rights in their supply chains
  • checking working conditions in garment factories
  • providing worker complaint hotlines in 15 production countries
  • ensuring cooperation between factories, brands and all other stakeholders

FWF is an independent non-profit organisation that is jointly governed by representatives of business, labour and non-profit sectors. FWF assures the sustainability of improvements through its intensive partnerships with local stakeholder organisations.

FWF’s 70 member companies are based in seven European countries, and represent around 100 brands. FWF member products are sold in 20,000 retail outlets in more than 70 countries around the world. Production is monitored in 15 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Fair Wear Foundation is a non-profit organisation and is governed by trade unions, business associations and non-governmental organisations. This balanced approach safeguards Fair Wear Foundation’s independence.  

The consumer campaign was made possible with the generous support of the Subsidiefaciliteit voor Burgerschap & Ontwikkelingssamenwerking (SBOS Subsidy) of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and by Dutch trade unions CNV Internationaal and FNV Mondiaal.