Responsible clothing brands for your Sinterklaas shopping list

Fair Wear Foundation's Shopping List available online

29 NOVEMBER 2012

Amsterdam 29 November 2012 - If anyone is concerned with the circumstances in which his presents are produced it's Sinterklaas. This year, Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) makes it a lot easier for him and all his help-Sinterklazen to shop for fashionable yet responsible gifts. On its website, FWF offers an interactive Shopping List which contains dozens of brands that are members of this organisation. FWF is an independent non-profit dedicated to improving working conditions for clothing workers around the world.

Through FWF's website, anyone can create a personalized shopping list and learn what FWF member brands are doing to make work fairer for the people who make their clothing - with brands such as Suit Supply, Nudie Jeans, Haglöfs, McGregor and many more. From fashion to sportswear to the latest outdoor gear: FWF member brands are working, step-by-step, to improve their supply chains.

FWF is up front about the fact that no brand is perfect yet: "Clothing supply chains are still too complicated to guarantee '100% Fair' clothing, so FWF has developed a different approach." says FWF Director Erica van Doorn. "Instead of certifying clothing, FWF publically reports on member brands, so anyone can see how they are performing. Continued membership requires continued improvements. Consumers can check our annual brand reports while making their shopping list, and see the details for themselves."

This short animated film, The Fair Wear Formula, tells more about the big issues in the clothing industry - and what FWF and it's members are doing to make improvements. Sinterklaas didn’t need to be convinced anymore: he is making sure to bring lots of fair brands along this year!

About Fair Wear Foundation

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF)’s mission is to improve labour conditions for the hundreds of thousands of workers involved in making clothes for FWF member companies. FWF has invested more than 10 years in developing effective solutions to the key problems facing workers in the garment industry. FWF’s four main areas of activity are:

  • checking that member brands respect human rights in their supply chains
  • checking working conditions in garment factories
  • providing worker complaint hotlines in 15 production countries
  • ensuring cooperation between factories, brands and all other stakeholders

FWF is an independent non-profit organisation that is jointly governed by representatives of business, labour and non-profit sectors. FWF assures the sustainability of improvements through its intensive partnerships with local stakeholder organisations.

FWF’s 80+ member companies are based in seven European countries, and represent around 100 brands. FWF member products are sold in 20,000 retail outlets in more than 70 countries around the world. Production is monitored in 15 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

The development of the FWF Shopping List was made possible with the generous support of CNV Internationaal.